Your adventuring crew travels north to the once bustling lands of Aquila. Once rich with economic prowess from the merchant down of Dorter, the past 3 years have seen a drastic decrease in trade throughout the area. Many cities have become ghost towns, and only the most major are still surviving. You know little as to why but the weather in the Northern Sea of Basil has always been violent and tales of magical creatures in the sea have often been told by sailors could be facts instead of myths and chance.

Your crew is a band of rag tag adventurers for hire. You sail in a ship the “Stalwart Commander” the your captain bought with the spoils from the Civil war he fought in between the Eastern Kingdoms and Western Kingdoms of your lands. After his discharge from the army he wandered for some time working on his own and eventually found his old friend and sergeant in his command from the war and the began to travel together. Life has been difficult for the two and the captain has accumulated more crew mates through the odd jobs he has taken. The 2nd in command stayed in the military much longer until the war was lost and is an efficient fighter. He has very militaristic in nature from his experiences but is loyal to the captain for saving his life many times in the war. Once the ship was procured they hired a helmsman with years of sailing experience who is a bit of a nut but is well meaning. Often he jokes to lighten the mood but he is one of the best sailors you will find and good in a bar fight due to his jokes not always being funny to other drunken sailors. Your all purpose maintenance, go to fix it guy is actually a girl, carefree but with a natural ability to understan the true nature of things, both in mechanics and ship maintenance to the inner workings of the human soul, often zen truths come from her and childish mannerisms. Often you’ve picked work that ends up in some sort of fight, thieving, escorting, trading, all have their dangers and after encountering a truly strong mercenary for hire in an escort mission, you took him into your crew. Not the smartest, not the most delicate by any means, but incredibly strong and loves the thrill of combat.

Your crew has been traveling from harbor town to harbor town in the South Seas for the last year but work has stopped coming in due to the economic decline of the Northern cities of Aquila.

Your group is now desperate for work, low on reserves and your ship in need of repairs and rations. You head north with the last bit of resources you have to try and find work in the town of Dorter. You heard rumor that the once powerful trading company has an incredibly high paying job that no one has yet been able to complete to their satisfaction.

You arrive in the port out of rations and your ships mast severely damaged from the storming waters in the North. You successfully docked in the town, and your adventuring begins.